Mexican Catering

Santa Ynez, CA

Los Agaves, serving Los Angeles County and Santa Barbara county, including Santa Ynez, California is the best Mexican food down the coast. We take advantage of our locations to offer you the best Mexican seafood around. We pull from local distributors to get the highest quality, freshly caught seafood so you can enjoy the best meal around Santa Ynez. Why not try our camarones Guajillo or our famous ceviche tostada that we have become known for for its delicious taste and huge servings. We pile a large, freshly fried crispy tortilla with generous amounts of fresh ceviche, marinated in delicious spices, chiles, and lime juice, and then top that with heaps of avocado so you can enjoy an afternoon in the sun with fresh fish and one of our low-cost, cold draft beers.

All of our recipes have been passed down through the generations of our family, so you know you are getting time-tested, authentic recipes. We offer all kinds of delicious dishes you know and love, passed down through the generations for their great taste and authentic feel. No matter what you're craving, we do it all. We also offer the best in Mexican catering. We will happily cater any party or event at affordable pricing. Our catering is kept to the same quality as our in house food, so you and your guests can enjoy hot, delicious, easy, and affordable Mexican cuisine and drinks to bring the party to life!

Whatever you are looking for, we can provide it because we aim to please. We want your experience with us to be comfortable and relaxing, so we make sure we only hire the friendliest staff members and make sure our environment is welcoming, so when you eat with us, you can stop worrying, relax, and enjoy your food. Come try out Los Agaves for yourself and experience our fresh, high quality food in Santa Ynez, California and the surrounding areas.