Mexican Restaurant

Westlake Village, CA

The people of Westlake Village, California know where to head when they want the tastiest Mexican cuisine at the most affordable pricing. Los Agaves is the local Mexican restaurant that is perfect for every occasion -- from lunch with an old friend, to happy hour with your coworkers paired with our low cost draft beer and delicious dishes, to dinner with the family, or even more formal events with our Mexican catering service.

Whatever you are looking for, we can provide it, because we aim to please. Our casual dining establishment is warm and family friendly, with our friendly staff, large portion sizes, and classic family recipes passed down through the generations. Because of our time tested dishes, you know what you are getting is what our family has been eating for decades. Our delicious burritos and enchiladas will make you feel as if you are back at your own parent's house. We make sure to create dishes as good as theirs by only using the freshest ingredients, and making sure each meal is handcrafted to be the tastiest it can be, meaning you are getting the freshest possible ingredients and best spiced authentic Mexican food in Westlake Village, all at reasonable pricing.

Not only do we offer classic and authentic Mexican food, but our classic California Mexican seafood will make you come back time and time again. We have become known in the area for our delicious and perfectly seasoned mariscos, as well as our famous ceviche tostada, piled high with the freshest seafood, chiles, and lime, paired with our freshly fried, crispy tostada to fill you up and keep you satisfied all day.

You won't be disappointed by our flavor and service at Los Agaves, because we aim to keep our customers happy. So stop by Los Agaves in Westlake Village, California today to experience the flavors of the freshest and most delicious Mexican restaurant around.